Zofia Szafranski

Zofia was born in Krakow, Poland. During the course of her life, she has lived and worked in Vienna, Austria, New York, USA before returning to South Africa and settling down in Johannesburg 2002. rnShe started painting in 2013 when she decided to take up a new hobby. Through this process, she discovered a previously hidden talent and a deep-set passion for art and for the sense of accomplishment that comes with bringing pictures to life on a canvas. rnZofia has spent much of the spare time over the last few years improving her skills and embracing her passion. While most of the technique and ability is self-taught through the use of instructional videos and has attended a handful of art classes in order to refine specific skills that she then uses to enhance her paintings. rnTo this day, she finds peace and solace in the comfort of her studio, just as she has since she started painting, both through times of triumph and times of tragedy, as well as in midst of every day and its various challenges. rn

Cold Morning 760 X 530
Evening Sky 500 X 400
Floating 430 X350
In Space 545 X360
Lets Shine 840 X 595
Precious 670 X 520
Red In Blue 460 X 355
Sea View 550 X 365
Star Explosion 455 X 355
Yellow Space 355 X 255

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