Rosemarie Lindstrom

Rosemarie was born in Birmingham England in 1943. Her family immigrated to SouthrnAfrica in 1948. She was fortunate enough to have developed her creative abilities from anrnearly age under the guidance of her father, who was a lecturer at the London Academy ofrnArts and Crafts.rnShe was educated in South Africa. After finishing school (Matric) worked for a fewrnmonths backstage on sets and props at the Brian Brooke Theatre.rnTrained as a Display Artist while working for Display Services, under the mentorship ofrnindustrial designer Harold Kilner.rnWas commissioned to make a wig to fit onto a Beetle Car that was placed on top of thern"Colosseum Theatre" in Johannesburg for the screening of the Beatles Film "A HardrnDays Night" in 1964.rnConstructed a life sized Dolphin for the Aquarium in Port Elizabeth.rnWent to work with Ruth Russell-Edmonds assisting on the Christmas Fairy Tale Pageantrnin Joubert Park for two Years. It was here that she learned the art of mould making andrncasting.rnTook up the position as in-house Commercial Artist for Sealy Posturepedic Mattressesrnand worked there for nine years.rnStudied sculpture at Wits Center for Continuing Education on a part time basis for fivernyears from 1985 to 1991.rnThis was followed by studying Sculpture, Airbrushing and Print Making at thernJohannesburg Art Foundation.rnJoined Gael Neke in her studio in 1992 as a student of Ceramic Sculpture.rnAt present running a business that supplies the photographic and video industry withrnhand painted backgrounds for Advertising companies, Fashion Houses and Televisionrnshoots. Has painted Murals for Conference Centers and private homes.rnRosemarie is a member of Ceramics Southern Africa, and has exhibited under theirrnbanner on many occasions. She has sold pieces to collectors of art in Europe.rnAfter having spent her life as an Artist studied a BVA Degree through UNISA on a partrntime basis.rnExhibited in joint exhibitions under the banner of APSA,rn1992 - Ceramics South Africa Regional.rn1993 - Exhibited at The Institutes of Architects,rn1994 - National Ceramics Biennale.rn1996 - National Ceramics Biennale.rn1998 - Ceramics Biennale.rn2007 - Commissioned by Mandela Foundation to cast Nelson Mandela's hands in Plaster.rn2009 - National Ceramics Biennale.rn2011 - Alaav's Second Exhibition.rn2012 - Ceramics South Africa Regionals.rn2013 - Ultra-Furn Regionals.rn2013 - Ceramics Ombre@Spaces Theme Exhibition.rn2014 - Ceramics G&W Mineral Resources Exhibition.rn2014 - Ceramics S.A. Association of Arts Pretoria.rn2015 - Alice Art Gallery.rn2017 - Is That Okay Exhibition. 21st Floor Wits Art Museum.rn2017 - Pop-Up exhibition at Maisels Chambers in Sandton.

Ancient Warrior
Balloon Pot
Dancers on Hessian
Draped Pot Leaf Design
Draped Pot Snake Skin Design
Gun Dog
Hand Crafted Ceramic Vessel (Engobe Finish)
Hand Crafted Ceramic Vessel (Textured Finish)
Looking Through Head
Lost in Ecstacy
Painting - Gezania
Painting - Iris
Painting - Poppies
Painting - Poppy
Painting - Poppy Field
Paso Doble
Rosemarie Lindstrom
Street Dancers
Torso on Wood

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