Moeketsi Moahloli

I am a South African artist and I was born in Soweto. I specialize in charcoals, soft pastels, newspaper and acrylic paint. My work celebrates the marks people make in the world. I draw inspiration from the diversity of culture surrounding me in South Africa , Soweto in particular.rnrnMy work represent my social environment and the people I come in contact with daily. I capture the diversity and dynamic culture of Soweto and this can only be experienced when one is immersed in the culture at ground level.

Moeketsi Moahloli 1
Moeketsi Moahloli 2
Moeketsi Moahloli 3
Moeketsi Moahloli 4
Moeketsi Moahloli 5
Moeketsi Moahloli 6

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