Leonora De Lange

Leonora showed an interest in drawing and painting from an early age, had some private lessons while at High school, has a B.A. fine arts degree and a T.T.H.D. rnrnShe is a versatile artist and uses references for her artworks from her travels around Africa and abroad.rnrnShe joined the WSSA in 2004 , won a Highly commended award , attained Associateship in 2007, and served on the committee. She is now a member of the IWSSA and has had paintings accepted for their exhibitions in Johannesburg and Cape Town, She passed the first round of the World Watercolour competition in France in 2013. ( 36 selected out of 2600 entries from around the world)rnrnShe joined MASSA in 2006 , is currently Chairlady and has exhibited on local exhibitions, the World Federation of Miniaturists exhibitions in various centres around the world and on exhibitions in the USA, UK, Bangladesh and Canada.rnShe has won awards for her miniatures in the USA, England and Bangladesh and achieved Membership of miniature societies abroad.rnrnShe joined Artists Under the Sun in 2008, and has served on the committee for several years, also as chairlady for 4 years.rnrnShe was a finalist for the Hahnemule Calendar competition , Germany 2016 and had 3 paintings accepted for a Nature and Wildlife exhibition in Florida USA 2017.rnrnShe teaches adult art since 2006 and works in watercolours, oils, acrylics, pastels, ink, pencils and charcoal with a variety of subject matter. She has had numerous commissions and has works in homes and offices all over the world. Website: www.artilee.comrn

A Fish for My Friend
Cape Winelands Cottage- Miniature.JPG
Evening in Korcula.JPG
Hippo Hole - oils
Leonora De Lange
Little boat waiting - Croatia
Miniature of Poppies and Strawberries
White peonies 2 - pastels

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