Elaine Marx

I started painting in 1990. Painting and creating is often a means of escaping from the 'real' world into a world of colour and texture. At the start of a piece, I am never certain of the outcome, the painting evolves and creates itself into completion. If I am not entirely satisfied with the outcome, I destroy the painting and start again.rnI enjoy bringing some of my childhood memories into a painting, and often when I paint, I get a feeling of nostalgia, whether it is a dramatic sky in a landscape, childhood memories of simple living or a musician enjoying the moment. The open spaces of South African landscapes are a great inspiration. rnOil paint is my preferred medium, as it allows freedom of expression. Various techniques such as palette knife or layering can easily be achieved through oil paints.rnCreating is part of my life and I am grateful for the opportunity of being a full time artist.

Aqua Breaker(Sold)
Grand Old Lady
Have you ever seen the rain
I will make a way
Just the way you are.
My Dream
My only
My Way

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