Annette Barnard

W.H. Coetzer, well known artist, noticed Annette's gift during primary school and suggested she should attend an art school in future.

Annette however never had formal art training except for attending short courses by different artists such as George Boys, Dale Elliot, Peter Millard, Carlo Sdoya,etc.

She enjoy doing commissioned work in subjects such as land- and seascapes, still lives, flowers, wild life, birds etc. .Being very versatile Annette's works done in watercolors, pastels, oils and pyrography on leather can be found throughout South Africa and around the world.

15F locomotive in Kimberley station
Anafiotika Atens - Palet knive oil on canvas
Eagles in oil on Egyptian papirus
Little Eden - Palet knive oil on canvas
Magnolias in water colours
Palet knive painting oil on canvas
Pyrography on leather

We show the largest variety of art and styles in South Africa.


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